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  • Screw for injection machine
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  • Single Screw Barrel for Extrusion
  • Twin conical screw barrel
  • Twin parallel screw barrel

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YiTong screw is located in ZHOUSHAN city, near NINGBO city, our company was established at 2009, after years’ hard working in screw and barrel area, now OULIN SCREW from a nameless factory into a rising star. We supply screw and barrel to our foreign agents and some Chinese plastic machine manufacturers for some years, the quality of our products are stable and reliable. In our factory, we can produce almost all kinds of screw and barrel for injection molding machine, single screw extrusion, double screw extrusion, rubber extrusion and etc. About the steel for screw and barrel, different quality grade can be chosen according to customers’ requirement, from nitriding quality to best bimetallic quality. OULIN SCREW will take every order seriously and guarantee the quality, with customers’ support, we believe one day our company will be famous screw and barrel manufacturer.

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