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Principle of screw rod of injection molding machine
Release time:2017-07-11

Plastic range

Some engineering plastics, such as polycarbonate, polyamide, polymethyl methacrylate, cellulose acetate, ABS, etc., can be easily absorbed in the storage process. Sometimes, in order to save plastic raw materials, many fillings are added, such filling plastic is brought into a large amount of gas due to the high calcium carbonate and wood powder. When some plastics are branded in the cylinder, the moisture and volatiles are not removed and they are injected into plastic products to create defects.

The technological characteristics of the screw of exhaust injection molding machine

(1) temperature and pressure distribution in Jane, exhaust type injection molding machine barrel temperature and stress distribution has great influence to the exhaust injection molding, exhaust type injection machine machine, Jane, temperature and pressure points, four period of screw barrel temperature zone corresponds to bleed screw on the four main functional areas: feed, plasticizing and exhaust and pump out.

If the exhaust injection molding machine is not equipped with a basin feeding device, the inlet area temperature can be used to change the effective delivery efficiency of the material, thus changing the filling degree of the exhaust section.

(3) plasticizing zone temperature setting should be able to meet first-class lever homogenization section of the tomb of the material to melt completely, at the same time there is enough high melt temperature to ensure sufficient exhaust, but at the same time should avoid plasticizing zone temperature is too high and cause the material degradation, or produce too much froth.

The temperature of the exhaust zone should be set at the required melt temperature, generally below the temperature of the plasticized section; The final temperature of the pump is the final melt temperature required for the melt to have a lower temperature to reduce the pressure drop during injection.

Exhaust injection molding machine screw speed

The differences between the exhaust injection rod and the extruder screw and the normal injection rod should be taken into account when the exhaust injection molding is carried out.

The relative position of the rod and the machine is constantly changing in the plasticized material. The exhaust injection rod is not continuous work, and its plasticization and injection process alternate.

When the measurement of the exhaust injection rod is inaccurate, it can cause the overflow of the exhaust port. So should reasonably choose the rod speed, general should be adopted to guarantee enough to produce children's minimum rotational speed, and in accordance with the required production cycle time. In order to provide material with longer exhaust time.

(3) if the injection molding machine equipped with measuring feeding device, high speed should be adopted, which can get higher plasticizing efficiency, and can provide larger traction to offset the reverse flow of molten material flow stress, prevent the reverse flow of materials to the exhaust area, and can reduce exhaust area filling degree to improve the effect of exhaust.

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