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Alloy spiral shell series

Product category: hollow centrifugal casting of binuclear metals in barrel
Processing range: internal diameter 15mm to 500mm effective length 80000mm
Processing technology: HP/HCOF+ metallurgical combination
Alloy composition: Ni+Cr+Wc, etc.
Hardness index: HRC62-64
Compact strength: 126MPA
Straightness: 0.015mm/m
Surface roughness: RA0.4um
Alloy nameplate: Sweden
Patented all-alloy sintering technology, super wear resistance, super corrosion resistance, suitable for halogen-free

Product details

Classification of alloy
A - Iron - base alloy feed barrel
B - Nickel base alloy feed barrel
C - Tungsten-base alloy feed barrel

The material used for the screw

The raw materials
Finished product handling requirements
Binuclear metals are cast by centrifugal casting with inner air
Natural hardening at high temperature

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