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The introduction of all kinds of screws
Release time:2017-07-11

The existing screw is introduced: conical twin screw

PC special screw: for high viscosity plastic such as PC, it has less shear heat, acid corrosion resistance, medium and small diameter, forming PC, PP - R, flame retardant ABS, etc. Ordinary plastic and PMMA products can also be formed. Mixed color effect is poor. For example, adding color powder to plastic, it is necessary to strengthen the mixed color screw.

PA special screw: for the characteristics of low viscosity of PA, difficult coloring, quick melting speed and good lubrication, the mixing effect of screw rod is good, the feeding quantity is stable and the exhaust effect is good. Middle diameter. It is good to have the low adhesion plastic of the crystal such as PA, PP and LCP. Plastic can also be formed. For PC, PMMA, ABS high viscosity and thermal stability of plastic is not applicable to high (middle temperature, decomposition) PMMA special screw: for PMMA transparent product requirements and plasticizing effect is good, low rate of characteristics, good plasticizing and shear low fever, well mixed color. The middle diameter formed PMMA, pp-r, PC, ABS and other products with good effect, such as plastic with flame retardant, and screw with chrome.

UPVC screw for UPVC: high viscosity, easy decomposition, strong corrosion and PVC pipe joint requirements. The screw is well plasticized and has less shear heat and acid corrosion. Because there is no rubber ring, it can not be used for low-viscosity plastic and injection speed pressure grading more accurate products. In addition, due to the need for cooling, the UPVC product timing tube (melt cylinder) should be used in combination with the forced air cooling measures.

PET special screw: PET low viscosity, specific heat capacity is big, easy to stick fast and PET bottle preform plasticizing and plasticizing uniform characteristics of screw good plasticizing, high stability, not sticky material, melt faster, do bottle blowing bottles billet yield is high. Large diameter, also can form general plastic.

PBT special screw rod: it is easy to break down for PBT, sensitive to pressure and the need to add glass fiber, the screw generates pressure and stability, and it USES double alloy to improve wear resistance.

Acid screw component: for the properties of acid plastics such as CP and CA, the screw, glue tube and other plasticized parts have been specially designed in the structure and surface treatment. The screw assembly has good corrosion resistance.

Double alloy screw: for the material with high content of impurity, glass fiber reinforced plastics and inorganic mineral filler (calcium powder, carbon powder, talcum powder, etc.) of plastic, screw wear resistance good.

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