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Zhoushan screw we are the best.
Release time:2017-07-11

Screw application:

used in plastic molding equipment, such as plastic profile extruder, injection molding machine, etc. The screw and barrel are the core parts of plastic forming equipment. It is the part of heating extrusion. Is the core of plastic machinery.

Screw is widely used in machining center, CNC machine, CNC lathes, injection molding machine, wire cutting, grinding machine, milling machine, wire walking, brisk walking wire, PCB drilling machine, carved machine, engraving and milling machine, spark machine, bite the tooth machine, planer, large vertical lathe milling machine and so on.

Company introduction:

zhejiang zhoushan orin machinery co., LTD is located in the east China sea coast of the motherland, and adjacent to the international famous deep-water port of ningbo beilun port. The company specializes in manufacturing series of screw, sol tube products, apply to domestic, import of 30-40000 grams injection molding machine, 15-250 - mm single screw extruder, 30-130 mm cone, parallel twin-screw extruder and rubber machinery, weaving machine, puffed food, etc. With high quality steel, 38CrMoALA, the products are manufactured by quality, qualitative, nitrogen, fine grinding, polishing, etc., and strictly refer to the ISO9002 international quality control system, and the product reaches the (national level) standard. Production at the same time GH113 nickel-based alloy (new 3 # steel) screw barrel, can also be sprayed welding alloy double metal (PTA), the company except for the domestic and foreign machine factory provide matching, also scattered customer incoming letter to undertake sample processing business, surveying and mapping, design, and can assist with. We sincerely provide the best products and services for the customers, welcome new and old customers to visit!

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