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How do you maintain the screw barrel
Release time:2017-07-13

1) screw barrel installation is disassembled to protect flange connection plane, front end connected to the nozzle plane, must not have scratches and touch, finger, when installation to keep the surface clean, no any foreign body. Tighten the fastening of the bolt with all points to be uniform.

2) after the heating of the screw cylinder reaches the process temperature, it is necessary to repress the connecting threads once again to avoid the deformation and leakage of the machine parts.

3) in the case of production, there is no room for the persistence of highly corrosive polyvinyl chloride, polycarbonate and butyrate plastic. After the machine is down, you must clean the tube and then coat it with protection oil.

4) if the cylinder is removed, it shall be disassembled in hot condition after the material in the cleaning machine.

5) to clean the inner wall of the screw barrel, use a copper brush or sand cloth to clean it, not to scrape the sticky material with steel knife.

6) in the extruded materials containing glass fiber, carbon fiber, silicon or calcium carbonate modified reinforced plastic resin, such as, as a result of these inorganic mixture of barrel and screw wear and corrosion resistance is bigger, should be equipped with wear resistant, corrosion resistant alloy sleeve barrel extrusion.

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